Personalized Psychedelic Coaching


Dissolve Limiting Beliefs,
Unlock Your Potential,
Create Your Future



A Guided Path
to Personal
& Professional

Embark on a life-changing journey towards self-discovery, personal growth, and profound insight.

This is your invitation to a 1:1 coaching experience unlike anything else in the world.

One that combines the catalytic potential of psychedelic medicine work…

…with the structure, feedback, and accountability of a professional coaching framework.

One that honors your individuality and is tailored specifically to your needs.

It is an invitation to unlock your highest potential


and Achieve
Your Goals


Free yourself from the shackles of limiting beliefs, painful experiences, and rewire your unhealthy mental programs.


Our coaches help guide you back to connection with yourself, your relationships, nature, and maybe even something greater.


Improve your cognition, creativity, motivation and drive with our science-based microdosing protocols.


Develop greater awareness, empathy, and vision to transform your capacity as a leader at work and in your life.


Cultivate greater harmony and connectedness for deeper and more meaningful relationships.


Overcome resistance to improving your lifestyle through diet, meditation, or movement to elevate your energy.

Get Direct 1:1 Guidance, Insight, and Feedback with a Pro Psychedelic Coach

With 6 one-to-one calls, you'll have the undivided attention of a seasoned professional who will guide you through each step of your journey.

Personalized for
YOUR Needs
and Goals

We understand everyone's needs, desires, and aspirations are unique.

That’s why your coach works closely with you to understand your specific intentions, challenges, and goals.

They will leverage their expertise and experience to help you navigate the psychedelic experiences, integrating the insights into your daily life for lasting transformation.

Grounded in
Trust, and

We respect your journey and honor your personal boundaries, ensuring that you feel supported and empowered every step of the way.

Your coach is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment to explore what matters most to you.

Whether you're seeking personal healing, creative breakthrough, spiritual awakening, or clarity in your life's purpose, our program will guide you to insight and self-empowerment.



The life-changing impact of your psychedelic journey relies heavily on the expertise, guidance, and support of a skilled professional.

That’s why every one of our coaches undergoes rigorous training through our Coaching Certification Program.

Mentored by renowned experts, our coaches are trained with theory and practice in:

  • Science of psychedelics
  • Integration techniques
  • Complementary practices
  • Trauma-informed coaching
  • Family and relationship dynamics
  • Psychological, energetic, and indigenous frameworks
  • High performance methodologies
  • Psychedelic Ethics
  • And more…



Who This Is For

This program is for anyone committed to taking a bold step into:

  • Personal evolution and authentic purpose
  • Enhanced creativity, flow, and high performance
  • Career shifts and life transitions
  • Greater wholeness and embodied presence
  • Visionary clarity and inspiration
  • Deeper intimacy and connection in relationship

This might show up in a thousand different ways. Perhaps one of these resonates?

You’ve been doing “the work,” exhausted by talking in circles and not getting anywhere with traditional coaching.

There has to be a better way…

You struggle taking action on what you KNOW you need to do in your work, relationship, health, or business…

Is something—a belief, a story, a memory—holding you back?

You feel like you don’t deserve to complain, that you should “just be happy with what you have”

But you can’t…

You’re on the hamster wheel of “working hard” endlessly chasing the next carrot—the next big contract, the promotion, that next tier of income—THEN maybe you’ll be ok.

There is a way out.

You numb yourself with sugar, Netflix, social media, porn, or the dopamine fix du jour, secretly avoiding your deeper calling.

You can amplify that voice.

You just feel stagnant or stuck and need to break out of the rut into something new.


Alchemize Your Wounds
and Challenges Into Gifts

Your current challenges—whatever they are—conceal a gift. Your wounds can be the source of superpowers. They can be transmuted. Intentional use of psychedelic medicines with guidance, reliable structure, and a high-integrity container can create profound transformations.

But these changes won’t happen on their own. Neither psychedelic medicines nor coaching will “fix” you. They won’t magically change your life. Ultimately, YOU are the only one who can do the work.

Get Paired
With the
Perfect Coach
for You

After learning more about you and your goals, we pair you with the perfect coach for your needs.

We have experts in executive coaching, relationships, life coaching, peak performance, business, health and biohacking, and more.

Whatever you bring into the program, you will be carefully paired with the coach best-suited to you.

Commitment to
Your Process

Our coaches are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and client care, ensuring your journey is safe, nurturing, and profoundly impactful.

They have the compassion, nuance, and clarity to hold space for your process. They will hold the light to guide you through challenging moments, and integrate insights into your daily life.

Their expertise and genuine dedication to your well-being will empower you to navigate the psychedelic realm with confidence and unlock your true potential.

Learn more about our Certified Coaches here

A Perfect Synergy:

Coaching +
Breakthrough Experience +

This program is a synergy of proven coaching methodologies and psychedelic-medicine best practices.

The first four modules are about preparation and clarity. Then you have an opportunity for a “breakthrough experience”. This could be transformational breathwork, a macrodose experience, or even a retreat. It will create movement and open insights.

Then the real work begins: Integration.

This can be supported with guided microdosing and loving accountability to help you integrate the insights and shifts you wish to make.



Cultivating awareness is the first step towards transformation. Only then you can begin to clearly see where you are, how you feel, what you truly need, and where you want to go.


Sustainable transformation requires relaxation. Psychedelics can bring up difficult emotions that activate the “fight, flight, or freeze” response. This blocks the transformational process. We will give you tools to help regulate your nervous system so you can move through your challenges with grace.


Motivation is not about willpower. Forget about trying to manipulate yourself into forcefully getting things done. We will help you transmute that power and energy to create a North Star that will guide and pull you toward the life you want to create.


We are social beings. We thrive in community and in relationships. Psychedelics make us more aware of our vibrant connection to others. We will work together to create new ways to enrich our relationships so you can grow together.


After exploring your most meaningful relationships with those in your immediate circle, you can think more expansively about your role in the world at large and what you can give.

The world needs you.

Created by World-Leading Experts

These core pillars of the program serve as our guiding principles. They were developed in collaboration with leading experts in psychedelic therapy, human potential, high performance, and executive coaching.

These pillars are your guide posts to a comprehensive and holistic experience of personal growth and evolution.


This program guides you through an experience of growth and transformation with a combination of study, reflection, coaching, and (if you choose) intentional psychedelic exploration.

Each module will focus on a different topic and set of skills:


The Skill of Psychedelics

Learn the elements that support a transformative psychedelic experience and Psychedelic Coaching Institute’s model of personal transformation


Clarifying Your Purpose

Develop self-awareness and intentionality around your experience


Psychedelics 101

How to choose the right psychedelic medicine and dose for your unique needs


Master Self-Regulation

Deepen self-awareness and optimize self-regulation as it relates to your mental, emotional, and physical well-being


Breakthrough Experience

Enter a space that facilitates having a significant experience with altered consciousness. (NOTE: Psychedelic Coaching Institute does NOT supply psychedelic medicines or encourage illegal substance use. However, you may be eligible for legal ketamine through one of our partners.)


Psychedelic Integration

Weave insights from your breakthrough experience into “regular life” in order to change your thought patterns and behaviors


Your New North Star

Hone a clear vision for the future and cultivate the appropriate motivation to generate forward momentum


Vulnerability & Accountability in Relationships

Identify and enrich, from a place of wholeness and authenticity, the meaningful relationships that best support your continued evolution and the distancing or letting go of relationships that are no longer serving you


Sustaining Positive Practices

Create new habits with the practices that support your vision of the future—your personal future as well as your place and purpose in the world at large

What You Get
in Personal

  • Four sixty-minute coaching calls with your certified psychedelic coach
  • Two 30-min support calls
  • Weekly curriculum content and “homework”
  • Suggested reading to deepen your understanding
  • Compassionate accountability to your process and your goals
  • Trusted guidance through a proven transformational framework



Invest in
Your Highest

With Personalized Psychedelic Coaching you invest in the guidance of a trained, certified professional with extensive training.

You get the direct guidance of a caring soul with a passion for the transformative power of psychedelics.

Trust in their expertise, embrace the journey, and allow yourself to experience profound personal growth and lasting transformation. Together, you will embark on a path of self-discovery and growth.

It is an investment in your highest self, your full potential, and your best life.

What is included:

  • 6 Coaching Calls with a Certified Psychedelic Coach Specifically Selected for Your Goals
  • 3 Live Monthly Client-Only Q&A with Paul F. Austin
  • 9 Module Program to Master the Skill of Psychedelics
  • 1 Breakthrough Experience Guide
  • Online Breathwork Ceremony (Pre-Recorded)
  • Free Access to the Psychedelic Coaching Institute Community
  • Ultimate Guide to Safely Sourcing Psychedelics Course
  • Lifetime Access to Program Curriculum and Reflective Exercises




Checkout through our website and complete the full coaching intake form.


Meet with our team to help us pair you with the perfect Certified Coach for your unique situation.


Transform your Personal and Professional Life!

Once you complete the intake form, we will pair you with the coach best-suited to your needs.

If for any reason we feel you are not a good fit for the program, we will contact you within 10 days and refund your full payment.

Is This
Your Moment?

Of all the infinite moments in your epic life story…

…why now? Why is psychedelic coaching important at this moment?

In short, because you’re ready.

Because you’ve gone as far as you can on your own. You’ve reached a certain level and now you need a little help to get to your next one.

Because you’ve done preliminary work, tried other modalities, and you’re now “stuck” in one way or another…

Because on some level you already know working with psychedelics in the security of an intentionally crafted container IS your next step.

Because you are committed. Because you are brave.

You are ready.

Because if not now…


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Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, congratulations on taking time to reflect and think deeply before jumping into a psychedelic experience. It’s a big step and deserves to be treated with care.

This program is an ideal first step into psychedelic medicine. You will have full support and 1:1 attention throughout the whole process.

Absolutely. If you already have some skill navigating the psychedelic-medicine space, personal psychedelic coaching offers an opportunity to go deeper, see things you may have missed, and explore aspects of yourself you may have been unconsciously avoiding.

This coaching program incorporates the latest research from multiple disciplines, including flow states, trauma, holistic wellness, and the frontiers of personalized health. It will give you new perspectives, methodologies, and inspiration for your further exploration with psychedelic medicines.

More importantly, it will give you accountability to the insights you gain through medicine. Taking psychedelic medicine is the easy part.

Integration is 80 percent of the real work.

That’s where coaching can truly make a difference.

One way to think of the difference between the two is that a therapist helps to heal your past, while a coach helps to build your future.

This program is not appropriate for those who are interested in exploring psychedelic medicine for mental health, addiction, or healing trauma. If that is work that calls to you, please see our therapist directory for a list of therapists who integrate psychedelics into their work:

No, we do not provide psychedelic medicines or other illegal substances. Psychedelic Coaching Institute can only provide education and guidance.

We do, however, provide information on various options available on where psychedelic medicines can be legally acquired. This will vary depending on your local laws. We do not condone substance use where it is illegal.

We are not doctors and do not give medical advice. Your decision to inform a therapist is entirely up to you. That said, this program is not appropriate for those with mental health concerns like severe depression, PTSD, or addictions.

This basic 90-Day program will include about an hour per week of online material, plus 5+ hours of 1-on-1 coaching over the course of 90 days. Additionally, several hours will be invested for your high-dose or breakthrough experience. It's also highly likely your Coach will recommend non-psychedelic modalities, such as time in nature, meditation, or physical activity to support your transformation.

The investment for the full 90-day experience, which includes the full 9 Module Program to Master the Skill of Psychedelics, 6 One-to-One Phone Calls with your Certified Coach, monthly live Q&As with Paul F. Austin, and much more is $2,500. We also offer special pricing for military, law enforcement, and first responders.

Beginning your journey with Personalized Coaching is perhaps the most powerful prerequisite to becoming a Certified Coach yourself. In light of this, we allow all of our Personalized Psychedelic Coaching clients to apply 50% of their previous coaching investment towards a future Psychedelic Coaching Certification within 24-months of completing their 90-day program.


Psychedelic Coaching Institute’s
Ultimate Guide to
Safely Sourcing Psychedelics

The single greatest challenge for most people who want to explore psychedelics is finding the medicine. But without full knowledge of what to look for, you can potentially put yourself at risk.

That’s why we decided to compile a single guide on how to safely source psychedelics.

Here’s a look at what’s inside this 80+ page guide:

  • How to find powerful plant medicines in unexpected places, from foraging to your local garden store.
  • Links to ethical retailers who legally source their medicines from Indigenous populations.
  • Little-known, inexpensive (and legal) alternatives to classic psychedelics, with virtually zero difference in the subjective effects.
  • Powerful plant combinations that can deepen and amplify any psychedelic experience.
  • Strategies on how to stay safe online.
  • Bonus resources, including some stellar recipes you’re sure to love!
  • Access to our free library of ultimate guides to almost every psychedelic medicine in the world, so you can journey with confidence (know exactly what to expect, background history, what dose to take, and contraindications).
  • And MUCH more…

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